Redeem Program

The program gives extra Watchface to those who have purchased our Watchfaces.
You can order any Watchface in our stock, no matter the price.

Requirements & Instructions

  • 1

    Have purchased Watchface from our store: (without using coupon)

  • From (date) to (date) - Closed

  • 2

    Still keep the Purchase Receipt email from Samsung

  • 3

    Click Redeem below, and complete the information in the form

  • Your email (Will be partially hidden when displayed in the lookup table)

  • Your country

  • Enter the name of the watch face you want to redeem (from our store: or or

  • Submit form and get RedeemCode

  • 4

    Forward the purchase receipt that Samsung mailed you to us, the subject of the forwarded mail is the above RedeemCode

  • We will check and issue Coupon code to you via registered mail, when all conditions are right. Monitor the status in the Redeem list below, your mail and information will be partially hidden.

Redeem list
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